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Win-Win Coordinate Cooperate

Our goal is to offer our customers the best quality products and perfect service to satisfy all their needs and providing convincing solutions constitutes the A-KRAFT for top achievements.

Quality Policy

The best quality is priority.
Continuous improvement for customers and legal requirements are always made.

Quality Control

A-KRAFT always believes that quality is the result of the successful combination of innovative technology and intelligent, continued product developments.

Manufacturing and Production

All ratchets and sockets are forged from high grade chrome vanadium steel and made to exceed DIN-standard. Every A-KRAFT production step is accompanied by a comprehensive control guaranteeing the precision and consistency of the products.

One Stop, All Services

▶ Fast Delivery
▶ Quality Assurance
▶ Customer Satisfaction
▶ Shipment Consolidation
▶ Information Online
▶ Competitive Price
▶ Research & Development
▶ Innovative Products

Welcome To A-KRAFT Tools

CEO - Louis & Jeff

A-KRAFT is ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We produce a line of Hand Tools designed exclusively for export from Taiwan to customers all over the world.

You can trust A-KRAFT

Our commitments are Research & Development, Innovative Products, Fast Delivery, Quality Assurance, Customer Satisfaction, Shipment Consolidation, Information Online and Competitive Price.

CEO, Louis Chen